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We are now well into the season of wintery weather and cold winds.  There is nothing worst than the way the chill affects your skin especially your lips.

Lips that are chapped due to the cold wind can lead to outbreaks of Cold Sores.  Not nice at this time of the year.  These can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations during  the menstrual cycle, stress or an impaired immune system from illness or fatigue.  Lips can be especially affected if you are on a skiing trip or in a really hot climate.

The Skin Shop have created just the thing for you. A lip Balm that can combat and help prevent cold sores.  Studies carried out, by the company, have proven its success.

Liquorice Lip Balm.

This balm contains a high concentration of extract of liquorice and will help to reduce the severity and duration of cold sores better than most conventional treatments.

A study was carried out by the Herpes Virus Association.     Over 30 million people in the UK are infected with the herpes simplex viruses and their outbreaks can vary from as often as once a month to once a year.

Treatments for cold sores are usually restricted to topical gels and creams for use once the actual sores have appeared.   There are very few remedies which can help prevent the outbreak of a cold sore.

In a blind trial this balm was found to be effective.  On the 40 people who participated in the trial, 73% of those tested said that it reduced the severity and duration of the herpes outbreak.  83% using the balm reported that they had experienced less severe outbreaks than when using conventional products.  Testers also said that their outbreaks were only half their normal length.  This can also be worn at all times without any negative side effects.

The key ingredient within the balm is glycyrrhizic acid (GA)  This is in the liquorice and helps fight herpes.  It targets the genes that are required to maintain the virus in its latent state by interfering with the production of special proteins that feed the infected cells.

I was sent a pot to try.  I love the tin it is contained in and unlike other products is not in a tube or a pop lid tin.  This screws on and off for easy access.  Liquorice is one of my favourite flavours so I was excited to try this.  It is not an overpowering taste but actually really pleasant.  Fortunately I do not get many cold sores but having said this, I will be using the balm on my lips to prevent this happening.   On use, my lips felt so good.  The balm put a layer on to make them feel healthy and smooth.  I would recommend.

Liquorice Balm is available from Skin Shop at £7.95 for 30g.     Liquorice Balm

This would be an ideal stocking filler for someone who is going on a skiing trip or a holiday to a hot country.

I was sent the 30g Liquorice Balm for this review.

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