A Creative Life

Funny Bunny – Ravensburger

Are you like me? Would you rather buy your children or grandchildren something other than chocolate for Easter.  I usually buy a small egg and then give them gifts.   So how about this for an idea.   Funny Bunny. I was sent a copy of this game to review so we…

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George Hawkes Art

Everyone has something they love to do and excel at.  Mine is Cross Stitch and Beadwork.  Through this crafty art I met my good friend Celia.  She has then introduced me to the world of her husband George’s Art.  I am sure as you scroll through this post, you will…

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Baffled with Competition

Baffled.  You could well be.    My grandson and I decided, on his snow day off school, to play this game.   As a 52 year old Nan of a 10 year old Grandson, I thought I would be okay.   This game proved that my short term memory is not as…

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Autumn Exchange

An autumn exchange piece I stitched for the Autumn Exchange on Needlecraft Haven (a Yuku Group)   I enjoyed stitching this and thought it camve out lovely x x The recipient was really pleased. This sort of finished piece could also be made into wedding favours, if you have a small…

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