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Otosan – Throat Spray Forte Review

Here in the UK, we are in the midst of one of the coldest Winters I personally have known.  Along with the cold weather comes all the coughs, colds and flu.  Been there done that.   One thing I suffered with was a sore throat then a dry throat.   I was sent this fabulous new product from Otosan to review.


I was pleased to find out that this new product from Otosan has a triple action.   Otosan soothes an already inflamed and sore throat if you have one.  I was also informed that it forms a protective layer on the back of the throat against pathogens and the throat spray soothes and re-hydrates an already irritated dry throat.  This is really something that you should have to hand in your medical cupboard.

The spray really works and my sort throat soon became a thing of the past.  I have continued to use this product to keep my tickly cough and dry throat at bay.  It also does not have a nasty aftertaste like other things I have used in the past.


What does Otosan contain?

Contains the following active ingredients which each have their own role :-

  • Beta Glucons for their immuno-stimulating and hydrating actions
  • Hedge Mustard extract which has anti inflammatory actions especially in the upper respiratory areas
  • White Thyme essential oil which acts as a disinfectant
  • Organic Orange essence oil for its calming properties
  • Anethole for its anesthetic actions

Otosan Throat Spray Forte is 100% natural.  Being plant based makes it suitable for prolonged use without side effects.

This product which is classed as a medical devise is gluten free and suitable for vegans too.

Retailing at £8.99 Otosan is well worth the money and works so well.   You can purchase from



I was sent a sample of this product to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

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