MY DAY OUT …….. If you go down to the Forest today ………

My Day out ……  If you go down to The Forest today ……

6.40am   The bedroom door creaked open and a voice called in

“Nanny is it time to get up now!”     (Grandson Number 1 who had stayed the night before) (Aged7)
“Shsssh” I replied “Your brother is still asleep and so is your Grandad” 
I tentatively got out of bed so as not to wake my husband, and K’s little brother who was spark out in his low level bed.  I snuck out with K and quetly shut the door.
Two seconds later as shout 
“Who opened the door!”  It was grandson 2 J (Aged3).   followed by 
I reopened the doo and said 
“Come with me”    
All three of us sat in the back bedroom, me hoping that I may get another hours sleep.   That was not to be with two reapply excited grandchildren who were looking forward to their day ahead. 
We decided to go downstairs and leave Grandad to sleep as he was driving today.  
After breakfast was eaten, we packed Goodie Lunch Boxes with batches, drinks and chocolate goodies, also lunches for myself, myhusband and the boys Mum.  
Grandad got up a little later, had breakfast and the car was packed. 
Both boys were settled into their seats in the car and our adventure began.
First stop was to collect the boys Mum.   She was ready and as excited as the boys. 
Next stop. our adventure. 
Fortunately, the M6 was not as notorious as it usually is and we had a pleasant journey there, arriving at 10.55am.      
Where were we??   Here.  
Something that I had always wanted to do.  See monkeys up close but without being in cages.   I was apprehensive as having dont research was unsure if what I expected was what I would receive. 
We paid and entered.   The grounds were beautifully laid out with all amenities within a short distance to the entrance. toilets, restaurant and shop.  
After paying a short visit to the same, we began our walk through the Forest.  
Situated in about 60 acres of land, the forest boasts 140 monkeys who roam free and live in a virtual realistic environment.  
Within two minutes of commencing our walk, our first two monkeys were spotted. They were sitting in a tree and hugging each other.    The boys were so excited as these were not small monkeys but were so close to see.   
We continued our walk and came to an area where at quarter past each hour the monkeys are fed.  We were in time and there, sitting so close you could touch them (which you cannot do), were some monkeys.  
It was unbelievable. Actual monkeys walking in amongst us.   They were so natual and being like they were in the wild.   Swinging through the trees.  Playing in amongst the bushes.   Eating the leaves off the trees.   There were some older ones and really small baby ones as well. 
This was not the smallest moneky.    The lady who was doing the talk said that this year they have had 10 monkeys born within the forest but had only seen the birth of two, as most births happen late at night and hidden in the treetops. 
During one of the talks, there was a bit of a Hierarchy battle, a very loud verbal one.  We were told that the Matriach male was now getting old, and the leadership of the troupe was being contended by two younger males.   The verbal onslaught we heard was the battle they were ensuing to gain leadership.  
We continued our walk around the forest, watching the monkeys dive in and out of the trees, and swinging over our heads. 
It was truly fascinating. 
To be so close was amazing.   There were lots of benches to stop and sit on and also information placards for the children to read, to discover facts anout the monkeys, their lives and how they live. 
After a three hour walk around the forest we headed back to the car, feeling very like this last monkey we saw…..  relaxed, happy but a little tired. 
We were very fortunate with the weather. Just as we headed back to the car it started to rain.  So we sat by the car and enjoyed our packed lunches and goodies.   Ready for the car journey home.
The M6 on the way home was not as nice 🙁  
A good day was had by all.
The Monkey Forest is situated on the edge of the Trentham Estate is Staffordshire. 

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