Im going to the Blogon May Manchester Event ….

and am really excited.  My daughter bought me the ticket as I am just starting to develop my blog a lot more, although I have had it for a while.    Here are some things about me :-

This is me :-

Proving that you are never too old to learn.  I graduated with a Certificate in teaching Dyslexic Children at the age of 46.   Im now 52 and have just left education to concentrate on my blogwork, and be more creative with my time.
Three words about me,     creative,  imaginative     patient      You need all of these to create unusual things 🙂   My blog name came about because I do lead a very creative life.   I am currently creating a craft/work studio to store all of my craft stash.   My husband says that I have that much  stash that Hobbycraft will be contacting me for stock.  The best thing to come from my blog is being able to share my love of crafting and baking, sharing my recipes and ideas and also the tutorials I do to inspire people to create something they have not tried.
Ribbon Folding
Most remembered thing about my childhood is a holiday in Guernsey, where my brother and I went on a donkey ride.  The donkey would not move very quick, and my brother who was about two, decided he would bite the donkeys bottom.  It soon shifted after that LOL  Sadly my brother had a massive heart attack last April and died instantly.  He was 46.
Something interesting you might not know about me is that I love to collect scissors.  Any shape,size and the more unusual the better.  I also have a jacuzzi hot tub in my back garden which is brilliant.  Its a Hydro therapy one so really relaxing.    Im unsure which social media platform I belong to as I blog about quite a few things.  I guess creative ideas, arts and crafts maybe or baking.    My Happy Song is  The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars as it sums up how I used to feel when I was going to work, to a job I did not enjoy.   Now I sing and laugh at it as it sums up how I can be some days.  In other words ‘Today I dont feel like doing anything, think I will just stay in my bed!  LOL  Dont do this very often though mainly late get ups at weekends.   My favourite alcoholic drink is dry white wine, preferably a Sauvignon Blanc.
Favourite cake – coffee and walnut
 Favourite takeaway dish has to be Shrimps and Mushrooms from the Chinese
Dream holiday would be a skiing one but I know I will never do it as knowing my luck on the first day I would break either my arm or leg. LOL
I dont think I would have a super hero name as I am always ready to help at any time as I am 🙂
My daughter thinks I have a magical power as she thinks I am psychic.  I have the ability to turn up at places and I am needed. I also go to pick up the phone to ring someone just as they ring me.  I can turn up at my daughters with bread and milk just as she has run out.  LOL
The one weapon I would have for a zombi apocalypse would be a barrel ful of itching powder.  So once sprinkled over them, they will scratch and itch so much I can escape
My Decopatch drawers.  They were plain when my daughter gave them to me.
If I could send something into space it would be a hamper full of ingredients and my recipes for other species to try.
If I made headline news in 2 years it would be for creating a business and making a lot of money from a very simple idea.
If all mechanical transport had been wiped out, I would have used my psychic power to predict this so would already be in Manchester so could walk to Blog On.
I hope this is a little about me.  Yes I am as mad as I sound LOL But love what I do, love my family and love being really creative.
See you all in May

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