Free Days Out all over England – For July 2018

Free Days Out All Over England for July 2018

Regardless of whether it’s an empty weekend day, half-term or school holidays, finding new things
and places to go is often expensive and difficult.
We have teamed up  Wow Free Stuff   to come up with a list of free days out. There are a variety of
free castles, gardens, parks, museums, along with a host of other locations to explore across the UK. I
have chosen some of the better options for every area, but I still suggest you check on our Free Days
Out page if you would like to view the entire selection of the free-days out all over the UK.

Free Days Out In England

Free Days Out In London

London is never short of places to go and things to see. Art galleries, museums, events and parks, you
will find there is usually always something available and in most cases the entry is free.

1. The British Museum

This is one of those iconic museums which is an ideal venue for the whole family. It is the home to
more than 7 million artefacts that come from all over the world. This is also one of the biggest
museums across the globe which has a dedication to culture, art and exploration of the human
Here you can benefit from the free exhibitions and activities on ofer every day of the week, ideal for
young children and families. This museum also stays open later on Friday nights ofering you the
opportunity to explore the venue with a scheduled programme of drinks, food and events.
Admission is always free, so be sure to pay this location a visit when you are in London again

2. The National Portrait Gallery/National Gallery

If you are a lover of art the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery should definitely be on your
list of things to do when visiting London.
​Each of these galleries features countless iconic art pieces, from famous artists like Michelangelo,
Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. You can view these priceless works-of-art every day for free
between 10am and 6pm.

3. Busy Park- Richmond

If you prefer outdoor spaces, the busy streets in London are often overwhelming. Richmond’s Bushy
Park spans over 1,099 acres and is the home to about 320 free-roaming deer. It is also the 2nd largest
of the Royal Parks in the UK.

4. Borough Market

Make sure you pay a visit to Borough Market in London and take in the sensory-overload that
accompanies it. This market is the hub for traders that sell both international and British produce,
which includes fine bread, meats, cheese and chocolate. Here you get to stroll around taking in all the
tastes, smells and sights that this iconic market has to ofer.

Free Days Out In the North West

The North West of England is full of rich culture and outstanding things to do and see with fantastic
free-days out. Liverpool’s more recent accolade for City of Culture in 2008 gave this city a landmark-
destination status for theatre, museums and galleries.

1. Tate Art Museum in Liverpool

This museum is a home to the modern art of the North, where it showcases special exhibitions
featuring contemporary and modern art. Some of the latest exhibitions included works from Tracey
Emin, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. The gallery in this venue ofers outstanding views of the
River Mersey and the Albert Dock along with a stunning café.
The Tate Art Museum is open every day from 10am to 5.50pm and the entrance is free. It is a
worthwhile visit the next time you are visiting Merseyside.

2. Merseyside Maritime Museum

Liverpool is an area that is the home to probably the most important and largest port inside the UK
and this is a stunning museum that portrays the history on the people who passed through this area
hundreds of years ago.
From the tragedies like the Titanic and luxury liners to the slave-trade and poignant galleries along
with exhibitions dedicated to smuggling, there is always something intriguing to see.
The Merseyside Maritime Museum is open every day of the week from 10am to 5pm and the entry is
free. There are also frequent family activities to take part in, which makes this venue a fun day out for
you and your family.

3. Imperial War Museum in Manchester

The Imperial War Museum is rated as one of the better free-day out excursions for the whole family.
This is a museum that showcases the impact from the Second World War on society and people and
is in the area which was bombed heaving in 1940 during the Manchester Blitz. This exhibition is
inclusive of technical artefacts and personal items, where visitors are ofered with the opportunity to
learn more about the conflicts that involved Britain along with the Commonwealth from World War I
to this present day.
Admission to this venue is free to all, so add this to your list of things to see and do, on your next trip
to Manchester.

Free Days Out In the North East

If you have plans to visit the North East of England there are loads of free and funs things on ofer for
your entire family to enjoy.

1. Angel of the North in Gateshead

Pay a visit to one of Britain’s more well-known art sculptures known as the Antony Gormley’s Angel of
the North, that you can view for free in July 2018.
This structure towers at 66-feet in height, with its wingspan of 178-feet, this is an attractive sculpture
that proudly overlooks Newcastle and is a definite must-see for visitors to the area. The entrance to
​the venue is free along with ample parking, which means there is no excuse the next time you visit
the area.

2. Yorkshire Sculpture Park in York

Outdoors and the arts all rolled into one is what you will find at Yorkshire Sculpture Park where you
can enjoy installations and pieces in the outdoors. There are usually about 80 installations on ofer
every day, which means you can definitely spend several hours enjoying the scenery and interesting
art pieces. The admission to YSP is always free, but there is a parking fee. You can also choose to visit
the venue on foot.

3. Discovery Museum in Newcastle

This is a one-stop shop for those interested in finding out about Newcastle, its history and people.
The maritime and industrial past of Newcastle is also exemplified by the outstanding 34-metre
Turbinia ship.
There is also a host of activities for children, making this a free and fun day to enjoy for your family.

Free Days Out In the Midlands

The centre of England is not classified as the “middle of the road” when it comes to free and fun
things to enjoy. This area is brimming with galleries, Cathedrals and museums, the Midlands is one of
the best places to take advantage of a “staycation” in the UK.

1. Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry

This museum houses the biggest collection associated with British road-transport across the world. It
contains more than 1 million items that are archived, 120 motorcycles, 250 motor vehicles and even
300 bicycles. It is a destination that explored the essential role which Coventry played within the
British transport industry.
With all the things to do and see, admission is also free to this outstanding museum.

2. Lichfield Cathedral in Birmingham

The only medieval Cathedral in the UK is where you get to discover more than 1,300 years of history about the UK. This is a building that is worthwhile a visit regardless of what your faith is.
The entrance is free, although they do encourage donations. It is definitely a venue you shouldn’t
miss the next time you pass by the area.

3. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a lot on ofer, including architecture, sculptures, art,
jewellery, local history and a lot more. Here you can immerse yourself in the rich history of
Birmingham, along with viewing many items from all over the world.
The entrance to this museum is free, while the main collections of this museum is open to the public
every day.

Free Days Out In the South of England

There is a lot more on ofer in the South of England than only London, and this fantastic collection of
free and fun days proves this.

1. Turner Contemporary in Kent

You may not be expecting this but Margate, Kent is a seaside town which is the home to a
contemporary world-renowned art gallery. Named after the landscape artist JMW Turner, this is a
venue for all the art lovers out there.
Here you get to admire world-class art derived from famous artists of the past and the present, in the
stunning setting of the Margate Harbour which looks over the North Sea.

2. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

World-renowned collections of geology, archaeology, natural history and art with pieces from all over
the world the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery has a lot to for. This museum features 19 galleries and
is an outstanding free-day out for anyone.
Located in a stunning Edwardian building in the heart of the city-centre, this destination ofers
stunning views to enjoy when you reach the top-floor.

3. Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Another thing to add to your list on your next visit into Bristol would definitely be the Clifton
Suspension Bridge. One of Bristol’s more iconic images, this bridge is a beautiful backdrop when it
comes to photographs regardless the time of the year.
You can take advantage of a guided tour for free on weekends from Easter through to October, or you
can enjoy the views on ofer from Clifton Village. If you are in the area at night, make sure you see the
bridge when it is illuminated.

4. Bath Abbey in Bath

With more than 1,200 years of rich history, this Grade 1 listed building should be at on the top of your
list of things to do when in Bath.
Bath Abbey is still an active place for worship, that you can visit any time of the year to enjoy the
music, architecture and learn more about the history of the building.
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