An evening at Hotter

The three of us, Hannah, Carly and myself, set off on an evening of fun and laughter.   The journey, considering the time we left, from Coventry to Solihull, was a pleasant one and a lot of traffic was missed.   The only thing that worried me was parking.  Need not have as the car park we had chosen, Lode Lane Car Park, was virtually empty.    A short walk later we had arrived at our destination – Hotter Shoes in Mell Square Solihull.

I love Solihull as it is where I was born so was nice to be in my home town.

The shop layout is amazing.  So bright and spacious.

We had come for a presentation evening of the New Summer Collection from Hotter.  I was wearing my Hotter shoes and this wall poster sums up the Hotter shoes.


After some light refreshments,  Prosecco for those not driving, orange juice for me, we were given a brief talk about Hotter, their manufacture and their new Summer Range.



Hotter is a British company created in 1959 by the parents of the now Comfort Concept Founder Stewart Houlgrave.  Originally they produced slippers but in the 1990’s moved in the shoe manufacturing section with a range of shoes with cofrt built into them.  Hotter shoes definitely have this.

The Hotter factory isbased in Lancashire and each member of the Hotter team is passionate about both the style and the comfort of their shoes.  Believe me, once you put a pair on you dont want to take them off.  They are so light and comfy  Like walking on air and for someone who suffers with painful feet and swollen ankles, it is a pleasure to be able to walk in a pair of shoes that is so comfy.

The new Summer range from Hotter is definitely within current styles and there are lots of vibrant colours.   The canvas shoes below were as light as a feather and have the concept comfy instep and soles.



The sandals range is so colourful with peaches and oranges, again in the same light comfy style.



There is also a range of really pretty, elegant shoes suitable for Summer Occasions such as Weddings and Garden Parties.

It is fantastic that these are made in the UK so lovely to support a British Company whose motto is
‘Comfy shoes deliver  Happy feet’.   They certainly do.

Hotter customer service is superb and their shop assistants are happy to help you with any questions or advice needed.  This is me discussing the shoes with Chloe from the Solihull branch.


The staff are happy to help you with trying on different shoes and helping you pick the right style and fit for your feet.    These were the shoes that I picked (on the left) and my daughter picked (on the right)    Both so comfy to wear

Hotter also do a range of Mens Shoes which are just as light and comfy.

So at the end of the evening we collected out Hotter bags with our shoes and ventured back home with out treasures in hand.


What we did leave behind were happy memories and a lovely evening in pleasant company, and the Hotter bus looking a little worst for wear.  Must have consumed too much Prosecco

Superb evening.  Thank you Hotter.

If you would like to find out more about Hotter, the shoes available and the Comfort Concept please click on the link below.

Hotter Shoes



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