A Saturday Out at the Cake International Exhibition – NEC Solihull

So on Saturday 9th November my daughter and I embarked on a day out together, something we dont do very often and which was much needed.

We had passes to the Cake International Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Solihull, and as an avid baker, I was really looking forward to this.   I am also interested in finding out about joining a Sugarcraft Class so knew there would be people there to talk to.

The traffic was a little busy but we eventually parked, then waited for a short time in the rain, for the shuttle bus to arrive to take us to the exhibition.  

Once in the show, the work of the bakers, icers, cake makers was amazing.    This was one of the cakes near the entrance to the show.

Am absolutely gorgeous cake.   Fascinating how intricate the design and work was.  Has to be seen to be appreciated. 
We walked around several of the stalls selling bakeware, flavourings, accessories all for the cake maker.   But then we visited the main exhibition area, the priority of our visit.     The cakes were in different sections but the wedding cake area was amazing, with some witty, some extremely intricate and some very personal designs of cakes.   

The above  was an example of one of the wedding cakes 

This cake was on one of the accessory stalls and really took my eye.  Hard to believe this made from sponge and icing.   

This was anoth exhibit within the shoe and bag theme.    The icing actually looked like leather and the details on the bag were so intricate and precise.  Amazing creation

This was one of the reasons I went to the show, to find out about sugarcraft and after speaking to several people I have found somewhere local I can visit and hopefully learn to do this special craft.  Watch this space for my creations in the future. 

The above was an example of how intricate the cake designs were.  The little dormouse under the leaf finishing this cake off perfectly.  

This was the final thing I saw as I left the exhibition.  It is made out of paper and is a Reindeer and their child.   A suitable end to my day as I went with daughter and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

This is the link to the exhibition which is showing in 2015 as well  🙂  Have fun and enjoy


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