Silence. You could hear a pin drop.  I sit there, anticipating the next call, excited and listening really attentively.  Several numbers have already been called and I am now down to my final three numbers, required for a full house.   Twenty Two.  I have it and quickly stamp it out with my newly purchased pink ink pen blotter.   One and seven seventeen. Not on my card.   Four and three, forty three.  Another one I don’t have.   I only need two numbers now. So really close.   On its own Number three.   Yes, I have that one too.  I am now really excited, my heart is pounding.  One number left.   Two and one, twenty one.   No not needed.   Six and two, sixty two.  Nor that one.  I can’t believe how close I am.   Sweaty palms and an exhilarated feeling.   Must be mine next.   Five and three, fifty three.  No I needed that two games ago I say quietly.   Another on its own number three.     Four and one forty one.   Then a loud HOUSE is called, but not by me.   I release all the pent up feeling and am a now a  little deflated  as I have not won this time.   However 5 minutes later the experience starts again as I begin my next game card.  This time it could be my turn.


This is how a night out at the Bingo makes me feel.  I love it.   I enjoy the company I go with, the thrill of the games, the social chat and the occasional win.  Even winning £20 for a line makes you feel elated.  I usually go with my daughter and we have had several evenings of fun.   Why not try it. Who knows next time you go, it may be your turn to win ‘The Big One’.  It is not always in people’s dreams but does happen.

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