Nanny Angie teaches you .. How to make an A.T.C (Artistic Trading Card)

Nanny Angie teaches you .. How to make an A.T.C (Artistic Trading Card)

In crafting an A.T.C. is a trading card which you can swap with others. They are small miniature works of art showing your skills and crafting abilities. They are no bigger than a credit card and can be made in the craft you are skilled in. The following are examples using stitched pieces.


Equipment required.

It is important to have everything ready to hand before you start. You need :-

  • Good Pair of scissors.
  • Card or blank credit card ((Size 8.5cm x 5.5cm)
  • Backing Paper (8cm x 5cm)
  • Piece of stitching (8cm x 5cm maximum or a smaller piece)
  • Embellishments – ribbon, buttons were used for this example but sequins, stickers, gems, etc can also be used.
  • Strong glue
  • Double sided Tape

Base of A.T.C

The base of your A.T.C.

The base of your card can be either a strong cardboard or a blank credit card. I bought a lot of these years ago when I used to make A.T.C.’s on a regular basis. The size you cut your card to must be 8.5cm x 5.5cm.

Backing your design

You can use patterned paper to back your design or you can leave plain. If you use a backing paper then glue or use double sided tape to adhere them together.

Cut your stitching to the size required. You can do a full stitched piece or a smaller design to cover part of your background. Your design can be portrait or landscape.


Choose suitable finishings for your card. If you have stitched a full piece these will not be needed. Position where you would like then glue in place.

The Back

On the back of your A.T.C. either hand written or typed, you need to put the theme of the card, your name, who you are sending to, the group it is linked to and the relevant month. There are collectors out there so this is important.

You are finished.

These cards can be created in any theme, colour, craft. You can get small plastic pockets to pop your cards in to protect them.

If you wish to join in a Stitching Exchange, then check out the events on

Happy Creating. Any questions, please feel free to message me.

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