Winter and it’s Ailments #ad

Winterlips with Evolution of Smooth

We are now leaving one of my favourite seasons in the year – Autumn – and entering into my second favourite – Winter.

I love the things you can stitch, make and create in this season.

The above box is a Winter design with holly and red berries. This was designed as a present for my friend and has a beautiful green ribbon detail. I quite like the winter season, I find the ice brings beauty to the death that Autumn had brung. However with the changing in seasons carrying in such cold weathe,r it also brings seasonal ailments.
It may be season of joy, peace and happiness, but it is also the season of wind chill, snow, ice, colds, and chapped, dry lips, due to the lower temperatures and freezing winds.
Chapped, dry sore lips is something that my youngest grandson suffers with, made worse by the licking of his lips.  He has borrowed many a lip balm from myself when he  has visited and complained of  sore lips.
I have been introduced to a company that may have the product you require to solve the latter.
This company is EOS who have Winterlips with Evolution of Smooth . They have a fabulous range of products to help with daily routines and include hand creams, shave creams and lip balm.
There products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, gluten free and packed with nourishing vitamins. They also have natural skin conditioning oils.  Perfect for moments after being in a chilly breeze.
It just leaves me to wish you happy Christmas shopping,  and be with you on the countdown to the 25th.  Hopefully you will have an EOS product under the tree for those Winter lips with an Evolution of Smooth.
This is a sponsored post.

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