Will Santa bring you some childhood memories?

I have many happy memories of Christmas’ when I was younger.   I have always found it to be a time of happiness, friendliness and laughter, shared with family and friends.  My parents always made sure that the house was festive, and they still do.  It is like walking into a grotto when you open their front room.

The one thing I always remember is Christmas afternoon.  After eating a fantastic Christmas Lunch lovingly cooked by my Mum, we would gather as a family in the lounge, to open presents initially, then to spend some quality time together as a family.   We would play games that had been given us or ones that we loved to play. It may have been board games or card games.

So what may be under your tree this year that can help you create precious family moments?


Rummikub is a classic game that is a family favourite of ours.  We still play when at home for Christmas and on occasional Sunday afternoons throughout the year.   It is a game that provides hours of amusement.  I am so pleased that they now have a Junior version as we have two grandchildren who will love to play this.

Each game is different as the combinations move.  It is fun being the first player to shout ‘Rummikub’, when you have placed tiles onto your rack and made the highest score.  It is exciting creating strategies and moves to outwit other members of the family.

What else could be under your tree?

This game,again, brings back lots of childhood memories.  It is a favourite with my Dad and myself,and is now played regularly between my husband and eldest grandson.  Since it is for two players, I usually play a different game with our youngest grandson.

Taking only a few minutes to learn, our grandson soon picked up the skills to outwit my husband.   He has become the king of ‘sandwiching’ his opponents pieces and gaining them.

Perfect for family time.

Hopefully, this year, we will again spend some quality time as a family and play these games to build some more memories to cherish in the years to come.

Rummikub Junior is perfect for Winter nights and is for 2 – 4 players aged 7+. This is available in all good toy stores and can be bought online for £24.99.   For a full list of stockists visit  John Adams Leisure Limited

Othello is for two players aged 7+ and is available in all good toy stores.  It is also available online for a price of £22.99.  For a full list of stockists visit John Adams Leisure Limited

These two games were sent to me to review and all opinions are 100% my own.


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