Who has the power in Eldrador ? Ice, Fire, Stone or Water?

Can you answer that question?  Well your child can actually decide.  Using their imagination and the beautifully crafted creatures from Schleich, they can create their own stories.  These can include battles to decide who rules Eldrador.

The Frost Monster wants to rule.  With his icy glare and crystal ice club, he is on his way to Lava World to start a battle.   Would you like to be on the receiving end of his anger?

The Ice Monster is of a premium quality.  With removable weapon and movable arms, he would be a super character in your child’s story about Eldrador.

The features on each character are really detailed and the paintwork of a superbly high quality.  Traits synonymous with the Schleich brand.

Who lives in each World in Eldrador?

The Ice Monster cannot fight a battle on his own. You can also purchase his allies Snow Wolf and Ice Dragon.

The characters from Lava World are Lava Golem, Hellhound and Lava Dragon.

In Stone World reside Stein Monster, Stone Skeleton and Cave.

Leaving Sea Monster, Monster Octopus and Monster fish to live in Water World.

Additional to buying the characters you can also buy play sets that adds play value to this excellent brand.

So let your child’s adventure begin.   They can decide who will win the superweapon back from the evil forces.

The Eldrador Characters are suitable for boys aged 5 upwards.  They retail at a price of £15.99.

For further details about the fantastic products this company produces you can visit their website via this link


For the purpose of this review I was sent The Ice Monster and all opinions are 100% my own.

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