Whats in the Box – Cheatwell Game Review

When I was younger, we used to play a guessing game called Fruit, Mineral or Vegetable. You would think of an item in your head and then ask questions until you found out the answer. A modern version of this is ‘Whats in the Box’ by Cheatwell Games.

What is in the Box?


This is a compact game in a beautifully created box.  Inside are a pack of photo cards that can be used as the items inside the box. You obviously have to tell the other players if you are using a photo card or an object.   There is a counter and a marble so you can count down the 21 questions that you are allowed to ask.

Our Grandson who is 10 absolutely loved this game.  He really used his imagination in what he put into the box.

If you have an object and not a photo card inside of the box, then you are allowed to rattle the box in the hope that the sound it makes gives you an idea of the object inside the same.   This is harder than you think!!  We were asking the obvious questions such as is the item made from plastic?  Is the item edible?  etc.     The only thing to not do is put in anything that would be breakable.  An egg would not be a good item to rattle.  It would get Eggstremely messy !!

So far as a family we have had many hours of family fun with this game.  The youngest grandson also plays and it is improving his thinking skills and questioning skills too.    An enjoyable and educational game and well worth purchasing.

I was sent this game to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

You can buy Whats in the Box at a cost of £12.99 from Amazon via the following link



You will have lots of family fun.  Enjoy

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