Welcome to the world of Education Quizzes

Welcome to the world of Education Quizzes

Having worked in Mainstream Secondary schools for over 20 years, I personally know how hard it is to keep children focussed and enjoying their work, especially when it is close to exam times or test times.  In the age of Modern Technology they just want to be on computers, laptops, and tablets to work.

Education Quizzes could be the perfect place for children to consolidate knowledge they have started to build at school. It is a super website that makes subjects fun, interesting and breaks down the most complex things into easier to understand bitesize pieces.

This great site helps to put in the foundation bricks and then builds on the Theory of Learning.

Education Quizzes are designed for children of all ages.  The  primary objective is to help them to be successful at school. Study of the school curriculum is made easy and enjoyable with the suites of KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE quizzes.  There is also a really interesting area for parents where you can check and consolidate your own knowledge on subjects such as Cyber Bullying and Brain Development in Children.  I, personally,  found this section really interesting.   Another valuable and important fact is that all of the quizzes have been written by teachers.
There are nearly 4000 quizzes on the site, so plenty for everyone to enjoy and something for all tastes and knowledge.  You get a performance report and the better you do the harder the quizzes become, so they push you to achieve your full potential.
Education Quizzes help to reinforce work done by teachers, but in a fun and interesting way.
Here is my journey through a subject today.
After typing in the webpage address I arrived at the log in page.
Simple layout and easy to navigate on.   I then logged in and since I have always worked in Mainstream Secondary decided I would venture into the Gcse suite.
Simply laid out and extremely bright and colourful.   Subjects included are Gcse Biology, Chemistry, English, English Literature, Geography, History. Maths. Physics. RE and Science.
I chose Maths.   Listed there is every subject from Algebra formulas, Indices and Roots etc to Volume and Whole Number Division.   Catergories are detailed in alphabetical order so easy to find a specific one.    I picked Perimeters and I started the quiz.

Questions are presented in a clear way with a choice of answers listed underneath.  Once you have worked out your answer then you click on what you think is the correct one.

If your answer is correct you receive a green tick.  It also gives you an explanation of the answer which again will consolidate your knowledge of this subject.

If you are incorrect with an answer to a question it will let you know, inform you of the correct one and again explain how the right solution  was worked out.

Each quiz is 10 questions long so easy for a child to keep focussed on one subject at a time.  At the end of each quiz you are given a score out of 10.

As you can see this can then be printed out to be placed into a folder as reference or into workbooks at school.   The score is also recorded on the sub category listing as a point of reference for the child, the parent or the teacher.  This can show growth in learning as scores improve.  The quizzes can all be taken more than once.   As shown below, I visited the Perimeter section on 13th May and scored 6 out of 10.

You can get a report of the work and scores you have achieved.

So since I have only been on for today I clicked today.  This is the report I received. I participated in 3 quizzes.

What a great reference for a child, a teacher and a parent.   By getting higher scores and gathering knowledge, it will empower a child to build on their self esteem and confidence too.

I had a look at other subjects and found the webpage so easy to understand and navigate,

At £9.95 per month, Education Quizzes understand that it may be out of reach for some people, although a brilliant resource to be able to use as a family.   However, they are extremely conscious of this fact.

The company would like people to promote this idea to their child’s school.   The school can then pay for the webpage on behalf of its children and they would then benefit from greatly reduced costs. Depending on the number of students at a school, it is possible for them to sign-up students for as little as £2.00 per year.  This could lead to a greater engagement of parents with the school and could also  win the school some brownie-points when it comes to the next Ofsted inspection!

I loved the quizzes.  I loved the fact that a chld could do them on their own or with friends.  Not only could it be a task for discussion but also one for creating team work and social skills.

But most of all it helps children to be successful at school.

The Education Quizzes can be found here   Education Quizzes   Take a look you will love it like I did.

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