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Bidvine is a website that will help you find the professionals you need and make your life a lot easier.  If you want to book a plumber, hire an electrician, learn something new or get people to help to arrange your wedding, to name but a few, this is the website for you to visit.


UK based Bidvine gives you the easiest way to find professionals local to you.  The website is easy to negotiate and you can get bids on the job you require by answering some simple questions, which will then point your request in the direction of the correct professional required to fulfil the same.



Page one on the website describes how the site works.  You need to tell them what you need.  It informs you who will see your job and what will be shared.


Page 2 details what happens once you have bids in and how you hire a professional.


Page 3 informs you that by using this website and hiring one of the professionals, you will expect to receive a great service.  It also tells you that you can leave reviews about the work that has been completed for you.

You need to create an account to complete a search.  I went through the process of using the site without doing this as I wanted to review Bidvine and see how it worked.

There are various categories of professions to choose from all under main headings such as Learning, Fitness and Wellness, Photography, Home etc.  Under each main heading are sub headings.  For example under Lessons, there is Arabic, Reiki, Poetry, Swimming, Cello, Mandarin, Trumpet, Computer Salsa and English to pick from.  I choose to look through Cleaning.  I put this heading into search and then picked the sub title of Domestic Cleaning.


After pressing search again the first of the questions was shown onscreen.



Answering the questions ensures that you are connected with the correct professional to fulfil the job you require.  There are a few more questions until you come to the times that you are available.  These are important to fill in so that the professional can look for available relevant times.


Each question will lead you to be able to receive bids for the work needed.

Once you have submitted  your questions sit back and  set the process in action.  You should receive your first bid within 48 hours.   The professionals have 4 days to contact you and you should receive 2 or more bids from suitable people within your local area.


I found this to be an easy to use website and a fantastic idea.  It saved  having to search for the service you need as once you have put in your requirements, the professionals will find you.

I will definitely be recommending this website to family, friends and anyone who asks  the ‘Do you know of a…….?’ question.

Simple and easy to navigate and use.  Highly recommend that you try


This is a sponsored post by Bidvine.


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