Wednesday – middle of the week

Hope you are all having a good week.

Im having a brill time setting up working from home.  So chilled.   Coffee on tap and no need for set breaks.  Take as you need.    Also my weight is reducing as I am not eating as much being at home.  Sticking to my breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Snacking in between has stopped.

Well today 11th January 2017. has several National Days.

An important on is National Awareness of Human Trafficking.

The second is something that I really hate.  Its National Milk Day.   I wont go into stories about milk but suffice to say I have not drunk milk for years, prefering black coffee or tea.  When I am really hungry I even eat cereals dry.  I know mad but it does run in the family as my Mum now does not drink milk.   Its not a allergy just a real dislike for it.

Now my favourite is, today is National Splash in a Puddle day.   I know when walking with my grands and if they have their wellies on, I love to jump in the puddles with them.  Something quite exciting about the water splashing.  I think the looks ont heir faces when I join in is worth coming home and drying your feet for .

So heres to a good day to those who are working and a chilled days to those who arent.


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