Weddings and Wedding Favours.

We are now heading again to the Summer Wedding season.   Many people will be planning and arranging their weddings.  So many things to do.  Order your dress, suits, flowers. Arrange a venue.  Invite Guests.  Sort out table plans and wedding Favours etc.   I got married 32 years ago and favours were not really in then.  Most people took the table menus, their name cards and the service from the church as a reminder of the day.

It is now part of the tradition in many Western cultures for the guests at weddings and sometimes at the Hen nights to receive a favour.  These favours will vary in price and design according to the allowance the host has.

Wedding favours can be as simple as a small bag with a handful of small gifts, candies.   They are given to the guests as a gesture of appreciation for their attendance, from the Bride and Groom.   They are usually placed on the Wedding Reception tables so do not need to be too large.

The origin of Wedding Favours

This tradition is a really old one.     The first wedding favour was known as a Bonbonniere.  It was a small trinket box that was made from porcelain or crystal and contained sugar cubes or delicate confectionery.  These were usually given at the weddings of aristocrats as a symbol of  their wealth and royalty.    Sugar was really expensive and very treasured.  It was also considered to have medical benefits.    As the sugar price dropped, the cubes were replaced by almonds.

For years the almonds were given to guests as well wishes from the bridegroom to symbolise his new life.

Five almonds are usually given. These stand for fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.  These almonds are sugared with the bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the candy symbolising the bitter sweet aspects of marriage.

Hand Making your favours

Hand making unique gifts is another way.    Here are a few links to items I have created and which can be modified for a wedding using different colours, beads, trimmings.


Pendibulles can be filled with pot pourri and can hang in the wardrobe or on a clothes hanger.  These can be as unique as you wish.  Can be stitched in the colours associated with the wedding and can have initials or names stitched onto them as well.  They are quick and easy to make and do make an usual favour for someone to keep.

Handbag Mirror

Why not try stitching a handbag mirror as a special wedding favour for a Matron of Honour or a Bridesmaid.  These are also cheap to buy and simple but effective when finished.

Beaded Bookmarks and Scissor Fobs

Beaded Fobs and Bookmarks are another unique way of making Wedding favours.  These again can be created using the colours from your wedding and also using letters for initials and numbers for dates.   Fobs and Bookmarks are simple, cheap and effective to make as a super wedding favour.

Other cheap favours that can be put together but are not a lasting reminder of the Wedding day are balloons, glow sticks, bottles of bubbles, small packets of personalised sweets. The list is endless.

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