Want a good read try 147 Things by Jim Chapman

I was sent a copy of this new book by Jim Chapman to review. So I made a coffee and began to read.

I continued reading for a few days until finished.

An extremely factual book written in an informative way and thought provoking at times.

Jim Chapman has created a really funny guide to how the Universe works.  From Love doesn’t happen in a heartbeat, to Eating mould could save your life but could also kill you, to Baby pigeons exist, Jim has written about 147 things that you may have thought about but never had the answer to.

At times this book made me laugh out loud, at others it made me wonder about how things do actually work and gave me the reasons as to why they do.

Jim Chapman wanted to “write a book about how exceptional, fascinating and bloody strange this thing we call life is ” and he has certainly done this.  in 147 ways.  Jim say he is an over sharer and have to be honest, there were times where I felt that what had been written could have been condensed somewhat.  However I still found this a great book to read.

If you wish to get your own copy of 147 Things by Jim Chapman  the ISBN Number is



The book can also be purchased from Amazon via this link :-


You need to own a copy of this.

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