“Ullo John gotta new motor”

Coining a phrase from Alexei Sayle from 1982, ‘Ullo John gotta new motor”, the new jigsaw in the Ravensburger range is called ‘Car Lot’.

When purchased the jigsaw is fully sealed and shows on the front the main details. So this puzzle is 1000 pieces and it is number 18 in their Best of British range.

Once opened, inside you find a picture of the jigsaw so you are not constantly looking at the box lid, and all pieces are securely enclosed in a sealed clear bag.

Buying a car is always a stressful event.  Imagine if you were buying from this dealer ‘Honest Harry’.  Do you think he is as honest as he claims?  Im unsure looking as some of the dodgy items on the jigsaw picture.


Even his customers look slightly dodgy.
The artist of this puzzle is Geoof Tristram.  He has been an extremely successful professional artist and cartoonist for over 35 years.  Geoff’s work can be found on fine art prints, collector’s plates, in magazines, on postage stamps,  on greeting cards and of course on jigsaw puzzles.
Geoff accepts private commissions especially enjoying portaits.


In addition to this painting and illustration work, Geoff is a talented author have written eleven comedy novels and most recently, a history of the legendary “J,B’s”, a live music venue in Dudley which has been visited by many of the great bands of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Geoff lives in the West Midlands with his wife and family.

Again Ravensburger has produced an excellent quality jigsaw with their distinctive Softclick Technology, allowing the puzzle pieces to fit together without hassle.

Ravensburger have a 2017 collection.   Some of the examples are

Gold Collection  300 Pieces  Prague
Gold Collection 170 pieces I love London ‘Bobby’
Places on Interest 500 pieces Eurostar
Colin Thompson – Vintage Library 500 pieces
Famous Faces and Characters 1000 pieces Paddington Bear
Colin Thompson Sihouette Range  995 Pieces  Shaped Lighthouse
and many many more
The Link below will take you to the Ravensburger Sales Page
It will also show you the full range of Jigsaws, Puzzles etc available from Ravensburger.


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