Treasure X Aliens – Review

Treasure X Aliens  – Review

For years now I have created an Easter Hunt on Easter Sunday. I know that my Grandsons get enough chocolate from different people, so I try and find gifts that are fun to find but not chocolate based. The Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs are an amazing find .

Treasure x Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs

These eggs have arrived and are starting to hatch

My Grandson broke open the hard out shell and inside was a squishy alien egg. He then squeezed the egg and when it exploded an alien appeared.

The alien inside the slimy egg
One of the collectible aliens who suck up the slime and squeeze

If you continue to squeeze the slime out then you will find a piece of treasure.

Treasure inside the Treasure X Alien

The slime can then be sucked up by your alien and if you squeeze will re-appear

By squeezing the laine, it will suck up the slime ready for you to squeeze back out again when you like.

Furthermore there are 12 of these exciting characters to collect and make a great fun gift. I have two more to hide in my Easter Egg Hunt and the boys are eagerly awaiting looking for them after seeing what this one was like. Slime and aliens come well within their likes 🙂 The alien characters are great for playing with afterwards and allows your child to use their imagination to create stories and scenes.

These eggs retail at a RRP of £4.99 and are available at Smyths Toys.

I am sure your child will love these and they really do make a fab egg to use in an Easter Hunt. I was sent a sample to review and they were loved by my Grandsons.

For chances to win prizes and find out more about Treasure X Aliens you can use the following link

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