Top Trumps goes Vintage

A blast from my past happened when I was approached to review the new Top Trumps packs.   This was a game that I remember playing in my youth.  It was ideal to play at home and in the car.

Top Trumps is the classic card game that has been delighting kids big and small since the 1970’s.  In 1999 Top Trumps was re-discovered in the dusty archives of the world’s biggest games company, Hasbro.  The game was bought back to life by Tom Liddell and the team at Winning Moves.    Since then over 80 million packs have been sold worldwide, and the game now features top characters from Disney, Marvel Comics, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

For 2017 the game has gone back to its roots and created a Retro Collection.  I was sent Crazy Cars, Today’s Strikers 1992 and Exotic Sports Cars.   There is also sets for Fantasy and Horror.


The cards arrive sealed and once opened can be stored in the newly designed cassette-style case which give it a truly authentic retro game experience.


The Exotic Cars pack contains 6 sections with 5 cards in each.     Each individual card has a photo and all the details required to play the game.

Full instructions are inside the pack showing you how to play the game.    The 30 cards are shuffled and dealt face down to each player.  You then hold your own cards face up so you can see the top card.  The first person reads out a stat from their card ie speed, size etc.  If you have the highest figure or rank then you win that round and the other players cards.   The winner of the game is the person who has all the cards at the end.

Simple, interesting and enjoyable game to play.

Retro Top Trumps are priced at £4.99 RRP each and are available at all good toy and book stores.

If you would like to see the full range of Top Trumps visit

Ideal as a stocking filler for Christmas, or for the long journey with children you may be making.


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