Today has got to be one ….

….. of my favourite National Days.    It is National Cheese Day.     Do you have a favourite?

I have to say that I am not a soft cheese lover or blue cheese lover.  I do like Jarlsberg with its nutty flavour (one of my grandson’s favourites) and also flavoured cheeses such as smoked cheese, white stilton with apricots.  But my ultimate is the good old Vintage Cheddar.

When I was younger I had a good walk from school if the bus did not turn up, and I could guarantee that when i got home there would be a steaming dish of cheese and potato pie, homemade by my Mum, waiting for me.   This, if I  am ill, is a real comfort food for me and reminds me of my birth home.

Hope you all have had a super day and have a brill weekend.  Its now chill time.   Perhaps a glass of your favourite wine and guess what, some cheese .   Enjoy x x


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