The Stately Home – Ravensburger Review

Here in the UK, our childrens Summer holidays are beginning.  This means 6 weeks of finding things to do.  Days out can be hard to find but there are many Stately Homes that you can go and visit as a family.


Photo by Darren Coleshill on Unsplash

Beautiful scenery, Gardens, some have events arranged.

Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

Some of these Stately homes have a small entrance fee others may be a little more.  All offer different experiences.  However, as a family you can create your own fun when out as a family.

Ravensburger, yet again, have come up with a fantastic jigsaw.

The Stately Home depicts images of how families are enjoying themselves whilst visiting.

A family is sitting enjoying a family picnic,  after having played football.  Behind the family a Grandfather is teaching his Granddaughter how to use binoculars.  Others on the lake are enjoying rowing.

A child is flying a kite whilst others are watching the planes flying above in formation.

There is even an exhibit of a Vintage Car for families to view.  An amateur photographer is taking some pictures of this car. plus there is the Stately Home to visit.

It really does look like everyone is enjoying a fantastic Family Day Out.

Another great creation by Ravenburger and I am enjoying completing the same.  My Grandsons are also helping when they pop in.

More about The Stately Home Jigsaw

This is Number 1 in a new series of Jigsaws called Days Out.  The puzzle is produced by Ravensburger with their usual superb quality of the pieces with their Softclick technology.

The artist is Andy Walker.   Andy has worked as a professional artist for almost 30 years, producing covers for books, magazines Dvd’s and many more ventures.  He enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar and also the keyboard.  Andy also loves to roam around his local countryside and spend time with his family.   Andy was the author of a children’s book called The Glass Gateways.

The Stately Home can be purchased at a cost of £12.99 from here Amazon

I was sent a copy of this Jigsaw to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

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