The Good Egg Card Challenge

I am a great believer of Random Acts of Kindness, as you can see from my recent post where I put books out for people to take.   Making someone smile and happy is really important.  It gives you the feel good factor.

This is where this new card game comes in.

Called The Good Egg Card Challanege it encourages acts of kindness.


The pack contains 50 cards which equals 50 challaneges. These are split into 5 categories.


The categories are Caring, Giving, Thanking, Amusing and Surprising.

A selection of challenges.  Here is one example from each

Caring – Send a nice text message to someone you haven’t contacted for a while.

Giving – Drop some flowers off at a nursing home with the message “For someone who doesnt get flowers.”

Amusing – Sing a song to someone and then given them the card.

Helping – Write a good online review of a place you’ve been to

Surprising – Draw a picture and post it u[ in your house


You can do the challenges on your own, as a pair, as a family or group.

You choose your Good Egg Challenge

Choose your recipient

Play the card then either leave it with your recipient to play forward or give it to a friend to play again.

You carry the cards with you and prove that you are a ‘Good Egg’


Love this idea and pleased to now be the owner of a pack of these cards  

Use the above link to find out more about these amazing cards.

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