The Colour Pink – Cancer Research/Prestige Flowers

What comes to mind when you think of the colour pink.    Pink is a pale colour and has a flower named after it. Pink is associated with charm, politeness, giving and receiving care, compassion and love.   One thing that I think of when I hear the word pink is Cancer Research. Associated with their charity work, with their ribbons and logos.  A really suitable colour when you look at what is stands for.

So I am pleased to show you a beautiful bouquet which has been created by Prestige Flowers who are working with helping to raise funds for Cancer Research.

This fantastic arrangement is available for you to purchase.

Called Luxury Delight, this floral package comes is a real sturdy box and is wrapped and hand tied.

Flowers in this Bouquet

Memory Lane Roses in a perfect blush pink

Darker  pink Deep Water Roses.

Stargazer Lilies, petite daisies and sumptuous greenery, which set off the other colours.

Here is my video showing the bouquet in full.

Customers can buy this bouquet it is available via this link from a cost of £40.

You are able to view full range of products available where a donation will be made to Cancer Research, via this link

Flowers sent from prestige Flowers are always well worth the money and superb quality.  A great way to send a gift to someone and support at charity at the same time.


The bouquet was set to me to review and all opinions are my own.

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