Super Geek Heroes

Super Geek Heroes

Getting children to learn, especially in the early years, is really important. But this needs to be done in a fun and interesting way, so that the foundation bricks for their further education, are kept in

What a better way than with the fantastic new Super Geek Heroes.


The Super Geek heroes are a set of super-kids each with unique abilities and they have the tagline phrase of “having fun with a mission to learn!”
Having worked in education, and watched these characters in action, this is a great way for your child to consolidate learning that they have done at school.
Each character has one of  seven friendly ‘super-powers’  which are derived from the three prime and four specific development areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. 

These are the characters :-

Millie Maths – Numeracy


Peter Planet – Understanding the World


Ronnie Rock – Creative Arts and Design



Suzi Smiles – Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Vicky Voice – Communication and Language


Jake Jotter – Literacy
Ant Active – Physical Development
Currently these learning sessions are on Youtube and you can see Super Geek Heroes via this link SUPER GEEK HEROES
The characters talk in a simple way and are easy to understand.  Information is given in short retainable sections, so a child can reinforce learning from school.   There is plenty of colour and movement to keep a child focussed and concentrating on what is being taught.
My Grandson is really into Super Heroes, and at the age of 5 these new characters will be brilliant in enabling him to boost his knowledge. I know he will be excited to sit and watch these fun new learning friends.
If you are a parent or teacher, this link will take you to some important information about Super Geek Heroes and how beneficial these will be to your child/children   Interesting Information
This page explains how each character will support your child’s Early Years Learning Development.
If you would like to see more then please follow this link   SUPER GEEK HEROES – YOUTUBE


From a personal point of view, this is a brilliant new concept and an excellent way of ‘having fun with a mission to learn!’
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