To stress or not to stress. That is the question?

Daily life can be stressful.   Coming up to the Christmas Season can be more than stressful   Exams, Driving tests,  waiting for test results,  children.   All can cause stress in some way.

Stress is the body’s reaction to a moment that will require an adjustment or a response.    It can cause a reaction physically, mentally or emotionally.

It is a normal part of life.    Daily events that happen in and around you can cause stress to your body.  The environment, people around you even your own thoughts.

I stress about the most inane things but that is part of my nature.

So I was really pleased when I was asked to review a natural product that would help reduce my levels some what.


Vie Health Care have created the perfect Stress Relief Patch.

Being a Diabetic, I love natural remedies rather that medicinal ones, so this is perfect.

Made using essential oils which help to encourage relaxation and calm, the Vie Stress Relief Patch has been developed to help you in times of challenge.

The active ingredients get directly into your bloodstream via your skin and are valerian, hops and passion flower.

Simple to use, the Vie Stress Relief Patch is applied to a dry, hairless area of your skin when you feel you need a little stress relief support.   They can be left on for 24 hours and as shown below are very discreet


These patches are just as easy to remove. Simply wet the patch and peel off.

Due to the fact that I am Diabetic, I will be following the disclaimer and checking that the ingredients will not affect any of the other medication I am on.   Although since the Vie Stress Relief patches use only 100% natural ingredients then I cannot foresee an issue in using the same.    The disclaimer also advises not to use if pregnant or nursing.

I think this is a brilliant product and so easy to use.  No tablets to take and one patch will cover 24 hours.  Simple.


If you would like to purchase Vie Stress Relief Patches they come on packets of 6 at a RRP of £8.95.

Here is the link to be able to purchase them  VIE STRESS RELIEF PATCH

I would highly recommend these to anyone who just needs that bit of support during a stressful time.



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