Spring – Ravensburger Review

I have two favourite seasons.   Autumn, due to the cacophony of beautiful colours and Spring, the season of new birth.      Following the cold months of Winter, Spring brings colour back into the world, with sunnier days, lighter nights and stunning flowers such as hyacinth, daffodils and crocus.  Watching the greenery starting to peek its head through the barren soil brings a real smile to my face.  

Ravensburger’s latest jigsaw is called The Gardening World – Spring.  As usual a beautiful design has been chosen to show how people grow and cultivate their gardens in Spring.    There are the beautiful trees in Spring blossom, hyacinths starting to flower, plants and vegetables being prepared to plant and grow for the Summer months.  

The Gardening World – Spring 

This 1000 piece puzzle has a highly detailed design with lots of ideas of things you would find in a Spring garden.   Following the beautiful weather we have recently had in February, I am sure that this will show how many gardens will be starting to look.   

The lady is kneeling and planting out her new vegetable and flower beds, joined with her doggy companion.  Whilst a bumble bee is getting its daily dose of pollen.

The garden arch is starting to blossom and the climbing plants starting to sprout, ready for Summer flowering. 

Bluetits feeding after their slim Winter pickings 

The vegetable plots are starting to grow and the greenery is showing through. 

Also included in this jigsaw are some handy gardening tips from Pippa Greenwood.   She advises that you mow your lawns regularly as frequent light mowing is better than irregular cutting.  The lawns shown in this jigsaw look perfect.  

Where to buy 

This puzzle comes with Ravenburger’s usual high quality softclick pieces and is  a joy to make up.  If you would like a copy you can purchase the same at a cost of £12.99 via this link


I was sent a copy of this jigsaw to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

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