Social Paranoia – An interesting read

I have been sent a copy of the new book By Dane Cobain.  So I grabbed a coffee and went off to read the same.   It is called Social Paranoia.  This title interested me as did the description of the book.   The full title of the book is Social Paranoia : How consumers and brands can stay safe in a connected world.

Do you ever wonder if what you have just posted on the Internet sounds right? Will it be taken the wrong way?  Will it be copied and pasted? Worst still could you be hacked or cloned?   Do you worry about what could happen in these circumstances and how you can prevent the same?

This book is all about these sort of things.   I found it an extremelyentriguing read.  There is an abundance of case studies including cases such as people stealing your facebook photos, to case studies of the failure of businesses in their promotion of products, to a case study called Amy’s Social Nightmares.   I will not tell you anymore about these studies. I will leave for you to read the book and found out how interesting  and informative they are.

With sub titles of the chapters such as Paranoid Consumers,  Virality, Paranoid Brands and Risk vs reward to name a few of the 16 chapters, there is something for everyone who is interested in Social Media and the consequences of things people do.  It also details how to prevent some of these issues.   A really informative and interesting read, with a lot of facts and figures included within the same, as well as results of polls.

The book is written by Dane Cobain, who is based in the UK in Buckinghamshire.  Dane is an independent poet, musician, storyteller and social media marketer who has a passion for language and learning.  Recently Dane has released other books such as No rest for the Wicked ( a supernatural thriller) and Eyes Like Lighthouses When The Boat Comes home (a book of poetry)

I have also reviewed another Book by Dane Cobain called Subject Verb Object.  This too was a brilliant book to read.

If you would like to get a copy of this book this is the ISBN so you can take to your local bookstore to find or order in for you 

This book is also for sale here at Amazon :-


I hope you will go and buy a copy of Social Paranoia and enjoy reading this as much as I did.




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