So Slime Glam DIY – Review

So Slime Glam DIY – Review

We are coming up to Easter and this product would be an ideal alternative to an Easter Egg or as a great Birthday Gift. So Slime Glam

So Slime Glam DIY is an exciting new collection from Canal Toys

This product brings freshness and something exciting to the So Slime DIY range. It is a unique brand that is a best seller. So Slime Glam DIY has both beauty and parfum scented slimes that come with a collection of bespoke shakers. These have been designed in the spirit of the most stylish and glamourous perfumes and beauty products.

These are the shakers in the So Slime Glam DIY Parfum collection.
Each shaker has its own packet of slime and pack of decorations.

Furthermore, this fabulous new range has all the benefits of your favourite slime. There is no mess; no glue; no failure but with a new, fresh twist.

At a RRP of £9.99, So Slime Glam DIY has a choice of the Beauty or the Parfum Collection. Each one contains stunning shakers which when combined with scent, powder and decorations create something unique for slime fans.

Further information can be found at the following link

This was great fun to use and smelt really good. There was no mess and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

All opinions are 100% my own and I received the So Slime DIY Parfum kit to review #Gifted.

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