Smashers by Zuru – New for January 2018 Product Review and competition

If you have a sport loving child who is between 4 and 12, then you will love this new collectible toy from Zuru – Smashers.

I was sent some Smashers products to review and my grandsons had great fun throwing the plastic balls to the floor, watching them smash and then collecting the little characters from inside.  This is the collectible piece.   The ball can then be kept and used as a jigsaw as they can be rebuilt. (Have to say I have not managed this yet but am sure my grandsons will.)



Each character inside the balls is related to sports and make fantastic items to collect.

You can see from this photo that the Smashers break into pieces and reveal the collectible inside.  The boys had a great laugh smashing them.  The collectible characters are brill.   They are both into football so are looking forward to finding football based characters in the balls.  This will be something that I can buy to put in their goodies bags they get each time they come to Nanny and Grandads.    Ideal as pocket money toys too 🙂

They come in varying sized packs.    Packs of 1 Smasher or two.   You can even buy the Smashers Bus which is where you can store your Smashers and you can buy collectible tins to store your characters in.


These products are available at these links

and here http://www,the



In conjunction with Zuru, I am pleased to say that I have two prizes available to be won.   I have a pack of 8 characters and a collectible tin.

If you would like a chance to win either of these prizes then please enter below.

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The products were sent to me to review and all opinions are 100% my own.
Good luck everyone

4 thoughts on “Smashers by Zuru – New for January 2018 Product Review and competition”

  • My little one loves sport but also can sit and fiddle playing for ages these look great fun rebuilding the jigsaw ball that they come in as well as character play

  • My son loves playing football with his dad, he gets so excited when he scores a goal Altho I think his dad let’s him win from time to time, this is definitely something my son would love

  • My son would love these. He’s autistic and has a real obsession with collecting things. I must say I’ve never actually seen these before so thank you for the recommendation.

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