Sam Avery – Confessions of a Learner Parent

Make a coffee and settle yourself into a comfy chair as once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down.   I have never laughed so much.   Fantastic Read.

As a Mum and now Nan, this book bought back many memories of incidents during my daughter’s baby and toddler years and more recently occasions she has had happen with her boys.

The pages which have been written though the eyes of a toddler are hysterical.  This book has been compiled with honesty and humour.  If you are not a parent it will let you know some of the things you can expect in the future.  At the time they happen it can push you but once you sit and look back, these memories turn to moments of laughter.   From the very beginning the book is brilliant.   Starting from the point where Sam and Rachel discover they will be parents up to when the boys are at  the age of 2, the way this has written this is fantastic. .   I found myself laughing out loud at some of the moments

So if you want to find out about what happened at the Swimming Pool or how their Mum reacted to an incident in John Lewis, then you need to read this book.   I will not divulge too much as you will enjoy finding out for yourself when you get your copy.

Written by Sam Avery, a stand up comedian, blogger and now father, this book about his messy confessions of ‘learning how to parent’ will have you crying with laughter.

This is the ISBN number if you need to order a copy of this book.   You can also buy from Amazon from the link below.

Amazon Confessions of a Learner Parent by Sam Avery  –

This would be an ideal present for anyone.


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