Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge – Burger party for my grands

Last Friday night I invited my Grandsons around for a Burger Party.   After the week we had all had, we needed some relief and family fun.  I did a shop at Tescos and purchased some packs of Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken burgers.   These I knew would be a perfect quick fix when they came in from school hungry.  Slightly smaller than a normal burger I knew they would be perfect for little appetites, as my grandsons are 10 and 6.  Rustlers, I also knew, would provide a quick and convenient affordable meal.  Whilst shopping decided what toppings and additions we would have with this too, picking up salads and sauces.

They ran in from school and were excited to see what was for their tea.   I knew that using the Rustlers burgers would give me an opportunity to be creative and provide a balanced meal, although one of my grandsons is a picky eater.

What we created

To compliment the quality chicken which is marinated with southern friend breadcrumbs, I cooked some small cubed chips, onion rings, had some cheese slices, prepared some salad and had different sauces they could use, including barbecue, mayonnaise and tomato ketchup.

This was version one.  The picky eater.  He made up his own burger with toppings of cheese,onion rings and small chips.   To say that it did not take him long to finish this off is an understatement. He came back for some more.   Due to the way he eats this was a great success. Although not the healthiest he had a onions, protein in cheese, fibre from his bread and minerals from the potatoes.

My second grandson was a lot more adventurous.  He prepared his own burger and then topped with cheese and onion rings.  K placed into a dish with salad and small chips, which had been cooked in ground nut oil so a lot healthier to eat.  My eldest grandson again wanted another one, so it was a good job I bought spares.   A really successful meal and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I loved being able to dress up the burgers according to their tastes, knowing that what they had put on their burgers, they would eat.  There was no waste at all.  Clean plates.

What better way to end a Burger Party than with a game of Table football, which they enjoyed too ….. and …..


… a mini cheesecake with fresh strawberries to finish.

We had a lovely evening and I have been asked by my grandsons to do again.  That says a lot 🙂 Why not have a go at the Rstlers Burger Hacking Challenge.  You too could have an evening of fab food and fantastic family fun.


This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers.



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