Rocketbook – Notebook of the future.

Maybe you are someone who relies on lists? Notes for different things in different notebooks.    Well what you need is a Rocketbook.  

A few of my lists. 

Because of all the things I am involved in, my blogging, helping to run an SEN branch of Fire Cadets, chores at home, creating new recipes, I always have lots of lists, bits of paper and loads of notebooks.   

Rocketbook Everlast. 

I was so excited to receive my Rocketbook.   This one is A5 (Executive) in size so an ideal notebook size.  It arrived with a Frixion pen and a cleaner.   So what is a Rocketbook. 

What is a Rocketbook?

The Rocketbook is a reuseable notebook which interacts with an app on your phone.  Its a Smart Notebook.    What a way to move forward.   There will be no rubbish to throw away, pages that once stored can be erased and one notebook to store all lists, notes etc in.   Or rather one phone app.   

Initially you have to download the Rocketbook app.    Then you use your notebook.   You must only write with a Pentel Frixion pen.   I wrote down a partial recipe to try this out. 

At the bottom of the page are several symbols which are your files on the app where you can store relevant information.  I chose the apple and have listed as Recipes. On the front of the book you will find a page / index of which file is used for which subject.  

The symbols at the bottom of the page 

Where you can list your files in the Rocketbook 

When you are ready to save, you simply put a cross over the symbol you wish your notes to be saved in, turn on your internet, open the Rocketbook app and place your phone in the relevant place to scan the page into the file. 

The Rocketbook I received is A5 in size so a brilliant size for me personally.  I am going to create a file for Recipes, one for Crafts, another for Fire Cadets, a shopping one etc.  And for once there will not be bits of paper or lists lying around.  All will be saved in one place.  What a genius idea! 

Because of its size, it is perfect for fitting into your handbag along with your phone.  All pages are useable on both sides. 

Rocketbook fits easily in your handbag.  Ideal for a briefcase too 

So in my opinion here are :- 

My Positives

  1.  Small and light to carry
  2. More convenient to use than lists and lots of notebooks
  3. All stored in a phone app which is easily accessible
  4. Reuseable
  5. Good for the environment as no trees went into the making of this product. 
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Great value for money
  8. Easy to use once set up.
  9. Perfect for college students, business meetings, people who make lots of notes or lists. 
  10. Great value for money 

My Negatives (Now positive) 

  1. Make sure when your Rocketbook arrives, that you take out the pen.  This is enclosed in a small sealed pocket in the packaging and can be easily missed.  (I found the pen)
  2.    I, personally could not get it to work initially but then I am no IT savvy.  However, you need to get your phone at the correct angle for it to scan and send to you relevant file.   (I got is working)
  3. You can only use with Pilot Frixion pens so I need to ensure I have spares available.  (I now have spares)
  4. The symbols on the bottom of the page could be a little clearer as very light and cannot be seen in certain lights. 
  5. Unsure if cases are available, but would be a good idea so that you can keep notebook clean, and also the pen/wipe with the same.  (I will make or buy one) 
  6. I forgot to wait for the ink to dry so smudged what I was writing.  Be careful when you are writing especially if you are going to keep your notes for future use.  (I now wait until it dries) 

It is also advised by the company that you do not leave your notebook in the sun or heat as the ink can disappear at temperatures over 60 degrees celcius.  However if you place in the freezer for 20 minutes, the ink will return.  Bonus ūüôā

If you would like to find out about Rocketbooks you can get more information via the following link    

Rocketbook Everlast 

     I was sent the Rocketbook Everlast to review and I love it.  This product is going to save me so much time in searching for my scrappy bits of paper with my list on and also solves one storage problem as everything will be in one place – on my phone.   I would 100% recommend you get one. 

This product is available at a cost of £32.99 from this link    

Also at Amazon via this link  

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