Relax with Vie – Epsom Bath Salts review

Imagine this,  travelling home from a hard day at work, your muscles ache, your feet are throbbing.  You walk into your home and someone has run you a hot bath with Vie Epsom Bath Salts in it.   As you slide into the luxurious feeling water, the trials and tribulations of the day slowly disappear.

Well you do not need to imagine anymore as Vie really do have Epsom Bath Salts.


About Vie Epsom Bath Salts 

Not all things that you need to keep your body healthy are available via food.  Vie Epsom bath Salts not only increases your magnesium levels but it also delivers sulphates which are absorbed through your skin.  So whilst your muscles are relaxing in the warm water your body is actually using the nutrients found in the salts.  These sulphates help in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and for the mucin proteins. These line the walls of our digestive tracts.

Sulphates also stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and to help detoxify the body of any residue medicines and environmental contaminants.

I also used the bath salts as a foot soak.  It was amazing.    I used a bowl which we keep for foot bathing.  Into it I placed one cupful of the salts and soaked my feet for the recommended 30 minutes.  My wearisome day drifted away within minutes as the tension was taken out of my poor tired feet.   Also as recommended I patted dry with a soft towel.

Vie Epsom Foot and Bath Salts cost £8.95 for 1.8kg from

Vie Epsom Bath Salts


I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product and it is something I would recommend.

I was sent a bag of salts to review and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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