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There are many kinds of love.   Most people look for it in a romantic relationship with a person who is compatible to them.  This can be the most meaningful element in their lives and give them a sense of deep fulfillment.

Forming a stable relationship, it is suggested, starts in infancy, where a lasting relationship is created with the person who meets their every needs for food, care, protection, stimulation and social content.   Making these sort of relationships at this young age gives us the patterns of relating to others and helps to form relationships later in our lives.

I, personally started a relationship at the age of 16.  This started off as a friendship and blossomed into something that meant 4 years later we were married.   We have worked through bad times, enjoyed good times, shared laughs and sorrow, built trust in one another, appreciated and moaned at each other, and now we are heading towards being married for 33 years.   During this time we have made many happy memories for those around us and also for ourselves to cherish.

What do you need for a lasting relationship?

As adults, we still need the safety needs we had as a child.  We need food, care, protection, stimulation and social content.  Find someone you are compatible with and your relationship will succeed and grow.

You also need to feel safe both physically and emotionally.  As a person you need to know that your partner will be there to comfort you, laugh with you, hug you when you need it, and protect you.

To make a relationship last you need a great deal of respect and trust.   Doing things without your partner’s knowledge (unless it is a pleasant surprise or gift) will not bode well in the future.  Keep secrets is not nice either and it is best to be upfront and honest.    Keeping skeletons in your closet will make you feel uncomfortable in case someone mentions the same without realising you have not spoken to your partner about the issue.   unresolved things will drag a relationship down and cause it to fail.

It is important to laugh together and enjoy each others company.   Do things together and also do different things.  We both enjoy clay pigeon shooting.  So occasional Sundays we go off together and have a fun morning, then lunch on the way home.   We both also have differing hobbies.   I craft, sew, knit and create gifts and items to sell.  My husband has his motorbike.  During the better weather he will go off on a bike ride for an hour or so.   This is time I spend on me and do my own things.   Also we have the odd date night.  I cook a nice meal and we sit and chat, spending quality time with each other as working can mean being tired or not in the house at the same time.

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