My reflection on 2017 and life


2016 was a really hard year for me.  I was in a job I really was beginning to hate due to certain issues within the same.  The year had also been bad due to the loss of my brother.  After several conversations with my husband, who was 100% supportive, I decided there was more to life and handed in my notice, to move to pastures greener.  This will never be something I will ever regret.  Loss of money yes, but leaving no.  Most positive thing I have ever done.

So my adventure into the world of Social Media and Pr started.  But I was more relaxed with life although uncertain of what the year would bring.

Although my blog had been established for a while, it has never been used properly.  So first things.  I needed to plan on where I was heading, my niche.  I love writing so reviewing would be good.  I love cooking so recipe,  and crafting I adore, so that was a niche.  So my blog evolved around the things I loved.

Blogging is hard work.   You need 100% commitment. You need to be organised and keep to tight timescales.  So for the first few months I spent time learning about blogging and starting to achieve a DA. Domain Authority.  On a negative for some reason this has stopped increasing although my blog is really popular. So that is something that I need to look into for 2018.  So turning into a positive, I know with all the background work I have done this year this will improve rapidly, which will then start to earn me money from what I enjoy doing.

Hannah revamped my blog and I also moved to a different provider.  Two positives.  Still a lot to do but that is for the future.

On a real positive, I have made friends with some super PR representatives, and it is lovely now opening my inbox to people asking me to work with them, rather than having to search all the time.  I know that it takes about 12 months to settle in, when you are creating a new business, so after teething issues, I think that I am ready to really go for it in 2018.  I have had some fantastic products to review and am looking forward to receiving more in the New Year.

I have also nearly completed my Office, come arts crafts studio, which will  give me more inspiration for my work. give me areas to use for photographs, give me ideas to use within my blogging and give me my own space to work in.  My daughter will also be coming to use the same.  Will be so nice to make a coffee and go to work in your own home, in your own time, with no one to moan or daily criticisms.  Freedom.

The one thing that leaving my job has done is given me the room to breathe.  I had not realised how low I was getting and actually how depressed.  It has taken me a good 6 months to rebuild my confidence and to believe in myself again.   When you are being whittled down day in and day out, you do not realise until it is too late.   As I said the loss of money has made me think about how I spend and when.  I have become very frugal.  I appreciate everything I have and think twice if I need something or not.  I could have saved but like a lot of people if you have it you spend it.

Moving onto new things has also given me more time with my daughter and grandchildren. Something I was starting to miss out on.   I have also been able to make freshly cooked meals rather than the ‘quick in a rush’ ones we used to get.  Thus healthier living.

I have also changed my diabetes regime and am on different insulin.  It has made such a difference.  I have lost 7 1`/2 lbs in weight , in two weeks, which I can really notice.  I feel better in myself but I have the time to do this.  I have the time to think about Me.  I have the time to be able to go to appointments, to go the dentist without having to ask and being  made to feel bad about the same.   Mentally, I am 200% happier.  Financially, we have coped which is a positive.  So 2018 will be a brilliant year as I will be earning.  Small to begin and then I will grow.

So in fact 2017 has not been a bad year.  In fact quite positive.   I now know where I am heading in 2018.  I have lots of foundation bricks in place to help and support me and it will all be really positive.

In 2018 I am going to :-

1. Love myself

2. Share some great prizes with you all so watch out for the competitions!

3. Have great stats

4. Take great photos.

5. Get creative with videography.

6. Get creative with photography

7. Be a consistent with my badassery

8. Be a money magnet

9. Share my writing skills on other sites

I hope that you will stay with me through my journey through life and the fun it brings.

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