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Two important things that we learn at school, that are lifelong skills are reading and writing.  I am an avid Reader.   Last week we celebrated World Book Day but due to the snow a lot of schools did not have their day so are doing it this week instead.

My grandsons did celebrate World Book Day and went to school as Peter Pan and The Fantastic Mr Fox.

However, adults too enjoy reading.  I enjoy reading and read at least one book a week.    Another hobby I enjoy is making Jigsaws.

Ravensburger’s New Jigsaw

The new puzzle bought out in celebration of World Book Week and also reading is The Reading Room.

This jigsaw depicts a Reading Room.  Historically these rooms were often found in towns and villages.  They were places where residents could read books and periodicals of the day.   The British Museum boasts one of the most famous Reading Rooms in the world – a place full of amazing publications.

The Reading Room in the jigsaw is a smaller and more intimate place.  It shows vintage books, old shop fittings and oldie worlde paraphenalia scattered on the tables.  There is a comfy sofa where you can sit and take a break from the world surrounded by literature to read and delve in.

Eduard is the artist for this jigsaw.  He was born in 1984 and studied at the Academy of Arts and the Faculty of Graphics in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Eduard has long been inspired by the work of 15th Century artist Albrecht Durer.  He spent the early part of his career working for numerous magazines before moving into creating high quality graphics for computer games.  Eduard now lives in Poltava having moved from Donetsk after the war in Russia in 2014.  He is married and has one son.

This is a fabulous jigsaw and I enjoyed completing the same.

The Reading Room by Ravensburger. You can buy this at a cost of  £12.99   through this link

I was sent a copy of this jigsaw to review and all opinions are 100% my own.


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