Problem solved …… Thanks to Tufferman

For years now, I have wanted somewhere to call my Arts & Crafts studio and an office base.  So at the beginning of the year my husband suggested using the double back room.  Brilliant idea.   Now to put into place.

After a lot of planning and decisions on keeping things such as the sink and drawers plus the built in wardrobe, about six weeks ago I decided to start.

Emptying all the junk out of the room was a nightmare.  The local charity shop did really well.  I am sure that at least 10 bags of items that have sat there for years, went to the shop and hopefully will be of use to others.

Then the wallpapering began.  Something I have not done for years.  The paper was given to me by our daughter as she thought it was suitable for a craft room and I have to agree.  It is also a really relaxing colour and when the daylight beams into the room it is really cheerful.   I decided to do one wall as a feature wall.  The other walls were already painted peach so highlighted some of the colours in the paper.


I was quite amazed at how good at papering I actually was and the results of the wall were amazing.

I even decided to wallpaper the wardrobe door and the drawers.   My problem was storage.  I had an old cupboard and a rather large computer desk that I was going to move in.   I could not see how all the items I have in my old room would fit into this newer larger one, despite being double the size.  Where I was going to put my Cricuts, my sewing machine, my printer, etc?

Then I had the offer from Tufferman’s to review some Storalex Garage Shelves.    I was unsure what would be arriving despite being sent the link, so I waited and they arrived.

Before even the offer was made to be used in my husband’s garage I had taken them.  I knew exactly where they were going.  Into my Craft Studio come office.   I was going to just make up as shelves until I saw what else you can make.

So about a week ago two very large and very heavy boxes arrived.   Believe the packaging, they are heavy.

On opening I realised that actually three sets of shelves had been sent and that the items required to build each set are divided between the two boxes.  I therefore emptied out all parts and split into what was required for each set of shelves.

Boxes contained the wood for the shelves ;- …..

Sides and front/backs for the shelves and  ……..


Strengthener bars.

I also needed a mallet and a screwdriver.  This is important to help guide the tabs into the slots.  Something I did not do as you will find out later.     There are detailed instructions included with the shelves which I suggest that you read thoroughly unlike I did.   It will save you a lot of time.

So I followed some of the instructions as detailed!!   I …..

put the feet on the legs ensuring that the arrows were the correct way

Built up the H bars and put on the sides after attaching to the legs.

and I made ……..


The smaller set of shelves.  The top half is going to be a much needed work station.   I was pleased as punch until my husband came home and told me I had not connected them right.  So he took them apart and attached correctly using the screwdriver to guide the tabs into the slots.   (Told you I should have read the instructions corrently!!)

He then made up one of the full sets of shelves.

I am so pleased with the amount of space that has been created and am going to spend the next week or so moving all my craft items from the smaller room to this newer studio, once the other set of shelves is built.  There will be so much space.

I hope that this has shown the versatility of Storalex Shelving sold by Tufferman.  I love the way that you can get more than one item out the the shelves.  So out of the packs I received I will have two sets of 5 shelves, a set of 3 shelves and a work unit which has a shelf at the bottom but will be ideal when I am crafting or using my laptop.

Thank you so much to Luke at Tufferman’s for the opportunity to review this item and for solving my problem of storage.   I cant wait to see them full of all my creations and goodies.

If you would like to purchase this item here is the link 

Look for Storalex Shelving 🙂




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