OPF – Office Protection Factor

I bet, like me, this is something that you may not know about.  But the Skin Shop have created a face cream that will help with this.   Read on.

Everyone knows about UVA and UVB, the rays of the sun that damage the skin.  Did you know that there was a 3rd type of ray – HEVL – High Energy Visible Light which is as harmful as the previous two mentioned.    Some sunglasses can protect from this but many skin products do not.

This new SPF cream has been developed in the UK and it is one of the first skincare products to protect against HEVL.

Not only does this new cream contain prebiotics which will help to strengthen the skins barrier and maintain the same but it also has the new patented ingredient called Liposhied HEV.  This is one of a new generation of SPF ingredients which will specifically protect the skin against HEVL.

Facts about the Harmful Effects of HEVL

  • HEVL is the high-frequency light in the violet/blue band from 400-500nm in the visible spectrum.
  • HEVL is responsible for 50% of the oxidate stress from sun exposure which is equal to the amount generated by UVA (46%) and UVB (4%) combined
  • HEVL promotes indirect DNA skin cell damage from oxidate stress.
  • HEVL activates matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that lead to wrinkle formation and premature aging and can cause uneven skin pigmentation.
  • HEVL can reduce skin barrier function

I was sent a sample of this new cream to try out.  It is quite a thin cream so a small amount will go a long way.  It has a neutral smell and when applied made your skin feel cool.  This is definitely a product I will be using in the future as I sit and work on a laptop quite a lot.

Free from MI, SLS, parabens and perfhttp://www.elle.com/beauty/make-up-skin-care/news/a40132/blue-hev-light-skin-agingumes HEVL SPF 50 Face Creme costs £19.95 for 50ml.

This is available exclusively from http://www.skinshop.co.uk

You can also call on 01794 527 433

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