Open up the World of Wildlife – Schleich review

From a young age children learn from play.   Why not let them join in an action packed adventure with ranger David and his young chimpanzee companion.  This play set from Schleich is so detailed and a fantastic learning tool

There is a tree blocking the Rangers way. Using the winch at the front of his vehicle he manages to pull it out and put to one side so he can continue on his journey.  The boot is packed with his veterinary case and supplies, tolls so David can change a tyre if needed and additional fuel.  Yes, with this beautifully crafted model from Schleich you can even pretend to refuel the vehicle.


About the vehicle.

Beautifully crafted and with so much detail, the Scheich 4×4 Vehicle would be an excellent starter to your collection in the Wildlife Series.  The high quality paintwork adds to the detail in the accessories and the vehicle.    There are so many individual characters, animals and accessories that you can purchase to add extra value to the play.   This can be played with on its own or by adding other play sets such as The Watering Hole and packs of assorted animals.

New animals and accessories are added each year so that collections and imaginations can grow.

Although aimed at Pre-schoolers aged 3-5, a lot of adult help is required as the vehicle needs to be put together.

There are a lot of small parts which click onto the vehicle but also some very small parts that if picked up by smaller children can be a choke hazard.  I, personally, would not allow a 3 year old these small parts but would be fine for a elder child.

There are extremely clear instructions on which part goes where so it is easy to assemble.

As always, the Wildlife 4×4 vehicle with winch comes with a quality tha tis synonymous with the Schleich brand.


The Schleich Wild Life 4×4 vehicle with winch can be purchased at a cost of £34.99   Other products from the range can be seen via this link

Schleich Wildlife

Schleich also have a Farm Animals range which can be viewed via this link

Schleich Farm World

 The quality of this product is exceptional and the detail so intricate.  I would be careful with some of the really small accessories.  A suggestion is that you put these away until your child is a little older.  Other than that this is an excellent play set. It will learn a child about Wild Life and open their imaginations into having adventures in the jungles and possible safaris.

I was sent the Wild Life 4×4 vehicle to review and all opinions are 100% ,my own.



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