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Would you like the life of a Sloth?   I love the carefree, lethargic way they move but I am unsure if I could live in the treetops (fear of heights) or hang upside down all day.  LOL

They live mainly in the tropical Rain forests in South America and Central America.   With a scientific name of Folivora, a sloth can sleep between 15 and 18 hours a day.   That would do me.   However, I have loads to do and a 24 hour day is never long enough.  Reducing this to 6 waking hours would definitely limit what I do.

What do they eat?

Being Omnivores, Sloths eat insects, small lizards and carrion but their main diet is buds and shoots from trees.

How many types of sloth are there?

There are three main breeds of Sloth.  Brown throated, pale throated and maned.   The Brown throated can weigh between 2.2 – 6.3kg.  The Pale Throated can weigh between 3.8 and 6.5kg with the maned Sloth being the largest weighing between 4.5 and 10kg.   An ancient species of the Sloth died out over 10,000 years ago.  This was called the Megatherium and grew to the size of a large elephant.  Can you imagine that trying to hang in a tree.

Sloths find it difficult to walk due to their long claws and toes, so as said above, spend most of their time in the treetops.  They crawl at the speed of a foot a minute.

Why do Sloths appear to look green?

Sloths allow algae to grows on their fur.   This provides the alfae with shelter and water, whilst the algae acts as a camouflage for the Sloth.  It also provides extra nutrients required by the Sloths, through their skin.

Their vision

Like an owl, a Sloth can turn its head 270 degrees which will enable it to get a 360 degree vision of its surroundings.

Over the years, Sloths have gained a lot of interest with people, due to their laid back attitude, and dont give a care way of life.   Their faces make them look like they are always smiling.   Our daughter is enthralled by them and I am sure if she had the facilities, she would love one as a pet.

Ravensburger’s latest jigsaw is an homage to the Sloth and its family.

Featuring the faces of 5 sloths in the treetops with leaves and butterflies of the Rain Forest, this 500 piece puzzle will be a joy for any Sloth Lover.   Aptly called Sloth Selfie.

This puzzle I was sent to review and is currently being completed by my grandsons when the come and visit  They are really enjoying making it.   The pieces are sturdy and ideal for smaller hands, as they have Ravensburger Softclick Technology.


Retailling at a price of £8.99, you can get a copy of this puzzle via Amazon, through this link

Sloth Selfie Jigsaw Puzzle

I am sure when you purchase this puzzle you will have as much fun making it as we are.

*I was sent a copy of this puzzle to review and all opinions are 100% my own.



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