Night in, Movie on and a Chimasu Box

Do you like Asian Food?  I do.  I love my Chinese meals from the local takeaway, Sushi and Indian Curries.  But have you ever tried Asian Snacks?     What could be better than sitting with a movie on and nibbling away at some delicious oriental treats.

 Chimasu have created such a thing.  A box of Asian Goodies.   They are monthly boxes and sign up for the same is detailed below.    I was sent October’s to review.   This arrived about 20th October and I excitedly looked inside.

It was packed full of handy snack size portions along with two packets of noodles.  I will detail below exactly what was in the goodie Box for October.

(Did you know that some Koreans believe that the Korean peninsular is shaped like a tiger where as others a rabbit!)

Perero, (A korean Snack) a chocolate filled biscuit treat,  Silang Crispy Pastries with nutlet (2) (believe me once you have eaten one you will want more !!), a Kabaya Milk Chocolate Biscuit, Yuraku Black Thunder Cocoa Cookie Chocolate Bar, and Lotte Rakuten Bear Cake.

(Another fact, 14% of 9 – 12 year old Koreans suffer from internet addiction! I am slightly addicted to the Chimasu Box!!)

Two packets of noodle soup – Gourmet Spicy Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup and Gourmet Mild Veggie Ramyun Noodle Soup

(Around 3% of Koreans are overweight – the lowest rate in the world.)

Two spicy seaweed bites (Quite hot but so nice to eat)  and a Bag of Oishi Pea Snacks.

(South Korea harvests enough seaweed for 90% of global consumption.)

Wasabi Peas (Amaing taste) , Jasmine Tea, Hi-chew chewy sweets, Shrimp flakes (Extremely yummy)  and 2 Kameda Seika Soy Sauce Flavoured Rice Crackers (also delicious).

(When taking photos Koreans are likely to say “Kimchi” instead of “Cheese”.)

Although each item is packaged with the relevant countries language on it, the company have put labels in English on each product  so you know about the description of the item and what each contains.


The box also contains a lovely card with some facts about Korea and also about some of the snacks in the box.  Amazing selection of snacks from both South and South-East Asia.  They can be delivered to your door monthly.

The Chimasu Box retails with prices starting from £16.00.  You can sign up here and get £5 off your first box.

Thei link takes you to some of Chimasu’s past boxes

This shows you some of the amazing products you may receive.

Hope you sign up and enjoy your goodies from Chimasu.


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