Never loose a needle again !

Never loose a needle again !


As an avid crafter, especially, cross stitch and beadwork, one of the worst things to do is think you have put your needle safe and then find it is missing.

Then follows the frantic search to find the needle so it does not get stuck in someones foot or even worst your bottom 🙂

Needleminders are the perfect way to stop this happening and Just Sew Heavenly Needle Minders, run by
Jean and Andy Guppy, may have the perfect one for you

They have a plethera of designs to suit every taste.

Here are a few examples ;-


Beautifully crafted and look amazing sitting on your fabric whilst you are stitching.


Something for every age and taste.   Held onto the fabric by a magnet at the back.


Varying designs, prices and styles.   Reuseable each time you change the piece you are working on.


You dont just need one either .    I love needleminders and some people are avid collectors of the same.   Can see why,  they are stunning.


So why not add a bit of glam to your work whilst you are creating it.
Just Sew Heavenly Needle Minders  have a facebook page here
Pop on over and have a look.  If you cant find what you would like Jean or Andy will be happy to help.
Happy stitching


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