National Unplugging Day

National Unplugging Day
Sunday 25th June 2017, is the planned date for National Unplugging Day. A day where parents around the UK are being asked to spend time with families and #GoGadgetFree.  This means spending from sun-up to sun-down without any technology.  Kids included.    So what better way than to play a Board Game.
Ravensburger have some really interesting and fun games for families.  I loved playing board games when I was younger and such a good way to socialise as a family, which is not done as much nowadays due to modern gadgets, especially headphones.
One of their games is LABYRINTH.   Labyrinth

This is an interesting game.  You have to search for treasure deep within the twisting maze!  The playing board constantly changes so no two games are the same.  This game has won the heart of millions for over 20 years.

On opening the box, all the pieces are ready to push out of high quality cardboard.


The main game board is folded in the middle of the box.

The board opens up to look like the following ;-


There are 4 characters for players to choose from.

The cards will determine your quest.  Do you need to look for the dragon, the keys or the Owl?

How many routes can you take to foil your opponents and win your quest?

You can use the extra tile to move walls and open passages by inserting it .  Blocking and advancing are the strategies to use.


The winner is the player to reach all of their treasures.
The game comes will full instructions and rules.  The creation of the initial maze is upto you.


When you have finished, the game packs away really neatly, ready to be taken out on another occasion for another aMAZEing adventures.
You can find more fantastic games here   Ravensburger Family Games
Remember   Stay Unplugged for a day and have family fun Sunday 25th June 2017


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