Nanny Angie Makes … the bugs go away (Mosquitan)

Nanny Angie Makes … the bugs go away (Mosquitan)

You may remember reading my review last year of Mosquitan. Well it proved to be an amazing product and one I use as soon as the sun comes out. The dreaded Mosquitos and skin nippers appear. On goes my patch.

RRP £7.95 from Amazon

So easy to use and my husband has used too. The patch is placed on your skin or clothes. It can even be placed at the side of your bed.

Easy to use patches. 24 in each pack

Mosquitan has been formulated so that it is suitable for all the family including babies and children. No spraying or rubbing necessary.

You activate the diffuser by squeezing the centre of the tissue. The essential oils of Eucalyptus Citriodora and Citronella are then broken down and release their scents.

Due to the anallergic and no permeable adhesive layer, the oils never enter in contact with the skin. n

For 2019 Mosquitan have released products suitable for the family pets.

Mosquitan Pets Patches

This is a safe and natural anti-mosquito solution for your pet.Each patch contains a small cushion plaster filled with microcapsules of essential oils of Eucalyptus citriodora, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) and Tea Tree. To use you simply place the adhesive patch onto your pet’s collar or bed and squeeze. Each patch with last for up to six hours. Thinking about your pet, these are designed especially with cats and dogs in mind, the patches are DEET-free, well-tolerated and safe. You will find that the essential oils are contained within a non-permeable adhesive layer that prevents them from coming into direct contact with your pet’s skin or fur. One patch covers an area of one cubic metre


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I was sent a packet of Mosquitan to review and all opinions are 100% my own. #ad

9 thoughts on “Nanny Angie Makes … the bugs go away (Mosquitan)”

  • my 2 daughters have a real problem being bitten in the summer, they have blood that is very tasty to them!!!! they had a competition last summer to see who had the most!! one was really bad though, with bruises around each bite, so anything to help avoid this is helpful!

  • Hoping it works for midges, as have family members that would be keen to make use of the product. Seems great for holiday time.

  • This would be ideal as our little girl loves to be outside but seems to be a bug magnet! Would love to try these

  • we are a camping family and love to pitch up beside water, like lakes and rivers – so these would be perfect for our holidays x

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