Nanny Angie Makes – A Journey less boring

Nanny Angie Makes – A Journey less boring

There is nothing worst than a long journey and a bored child. We are now heading towards the Summer holidays and many will be making the journey to a holiday destination. The inevitable ‘Are we there yet?’ question will arise, due to boredom. Well worry no more. My Little World sets are ideal for these journeys.

Details of this set can be found here

My Little World were created by Richard Walkling and Tim Frost. They are an innovative new craft product which allow your child to role play and create their own stories using their imagination. When asked which ones I would like to review, I chose subjects that my Grandsons would be interested in.

Details are available here

Available in eight themes, at present, you can choose from Airport, Christmas Time, Emergency Services, Fairy Village, Space Station Foxtrot, Village High Street, My Little Scotland Nessie and My Little Scotland. More will be due in the future.

What in each pack?

In each pack

There are 12 cards featuring characters, buildings and extras. These all relate to the particular world you have chosen. My Little World characters all have names and short bios, with some elements being doublesided. They show different emotions on each side which will enhance and spark the child’s imagination. This also adds to the play value. Also contained are a set of 12 colouring pencils and stands which can hold the characters and scenes.

Full of details and great for imaginative stories.

Each set is fully recyclable and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard. The paper for the cards is responsibly sourced and the pencils are safety tested. Everything other than the pencils and stands, are produced in the UK.

`Daphne and her helicopter. Daphne owns and flies her own helicopter. She uses it to take important people to meetings. Daphne also uses it to deliver packages and to rescue people. What sort of adventure could you have with Daphne?

Once your child has coloured in the images they can then create their imaginary world and stories. Whilst colouring the car, the box acts as a handy item to lean on to be able to colour. Younger children may need a little help in cutting out so may be handy to take a pair of scissors with you if going on holiday or in the car. Obviously this can be placed in your main luggage for the hold, if you are taking the colouring packs on a plane journey. Scissors cannot be taken in hand luggage.

These pack easily into backpacks and a child’s small hand luggage. They also are small enough to carry in the car or even in your handbag. They are suitable for children ages 4 to 9, although my Grandson who is 11 also enjoyed colouring these in too.

Please see the website for more information:

Products are available at the amazingly affordable price of £4.99 for each pack

I was sent these products to review and they are fabulous. So many hours of fun in each pack. I will definitely buy some more. My Grandsons were both excited when they saw them and are looking forward to colouring in some more. I would highly recommend these.


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