Naipo – Portable Seat Cushion – Review

For a while now, my husband has, as part of his job, been mobile during the day. He is driving good distances to and from jobs.  When he gets out of his van he is in a lot of discomfort.   So when I was approached by Naipo to review a product, I chose the Portable Seat Cushion to see if using this would give him more comfort.


As always, the product arrived securely boxed.

My husband was excited to try this product from Naipo.  He was pleased with how light it was and also how well the seat cushion was made.

About the Naipo Portable Seat Cushion

The seat Cushion has massagers for the back, neck and thigh regions.  Naipo have fitted the cushion with 8 Motor Vibrations, 4 modes and 3 speed Heating.

The hand control is easy to use and self explanatory.   My husband sat on the cushion and said it is the best seat cushion he has ever used.

He said it was extremely comfy, massaged where he felt discomfort and relieved his muscle stresses from the drive home.

My husband was pleased that he could use it at home via the main adaptor and also in his van.  The seat cushion comes with the car adaptor for use in a car.  Totally portable and easy to move.

Overall a fantastic product which will be highly recommended by both my husband and myself.

The Naipo Seat Cushion can be purchased via this link

For a £10 reduction please use code 3VUWWEKW


I was sent this product to review and all opinions are 100% our own.



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