My Favourite Disney Film

If you, like me,  love Disney and Disney films, then you too will have a favourite.

Mine is Fantasia.   I love the animation and how the music fits with the same.  Ravensburger have been caught up in people’s love of Disney and have created a set of Collector’s Edition Jigsaw Puzzles.

I was sent the Fantasia one to review.  I love it.


This is one of a set of 5.   The other 4 are Snow White, Bambi,Cinderella and Dumbo


The most beautiful key scenes. from the world famous and beloved Disney classics, have been made into beautiful puzzles for you to immerse yourself into the world of dreams and wishes.


This jigsaw is a piece of film history for you to make and puzzle out, awakening nostalgic memories, taking you back to your childhood.


Each Ravensburger Puzzle is produced with the utmost care and checked thoroughly. The jigsaws are made in Germany and have an unique premium quality. The pieces are specially formulated from cardboard that has their unique Softclick Technology.   I know if you buy a Ravensburger Jigsaw you will not be disappointed.


You can find all puzzles created by Ravansburger by clicking this link

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